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Every Day You’re Not Booked is Costing You Big Money

Finding a steady stream of clients is hard work.

Advertising is expensive and it’s taking up a ton of your time.

And each day that your calendar isn’t fully booked is an opportunity lost and money that you’ll never get back.

You’re the person who goes the extra mile to make someone’s big day something to remember.  You’re the best at what you do and nothing feels better than putting on a successful event.

So you want to spend your time doing what you love, instead of putting in so much effort just trying to get noticed online.  Let’s face it, you’re in the events business…not in IT.  What does it take to show up on the first page of Google anyhow?!  And if people can’t find you, they certainly can’t book you.

It’s also frustrating when potential clients reach out and they’re clearly not a good fit for your business.  You know the ones, ready with something to complain about on your pricing or offerings, or just generally difficult.  You want to be busy, but you also want good quality clients that don’t make you regret your life choices.

Communicating with clients can be a challenge when no one seems to want to pick up the phone anymore.  Having to manage email, and web forms and social media messages can be a full-time job.

It’s exhausting.  You wish you could just duplicate yourself to get some more help.

Get More Exposure Instantly

Let us take a few things off your plate so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.

Getting found will no longer be an issue – your business will show up in the search results EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And the best part is, the planners that are searching My Event Blueprint, are people that are planning an event right now and ready to book – no wasting time advertising your business to window  shoppers.

Our listings are so easy to set up, even if you have very little experience with computers, you can have your business posted or edited in minutes.  And managing multiple listings is a breeze.  It is just as easy to set up an ad and make your business a feature.  There are endless ways to promote your business.

Software to analyze how well your website or ads are doing can be expensive.  We have a statistics page built right into your listing so you can see how much business you’re getting because of it and make changes to your listing to increase your numbers even more.

On Google, you have one line to tell people what you hope will match their search criteria.  In your My Event Blueprint listing, you can select from dozens of tags that will help your business stand apart from the rest.  You can let planners know exactly why they should pick you and make sure potential clients are a great fit.

My Event Blueprint provides a simple and convenient platform to connect with clients.  Manage everything from one place – message them directly through the site, respond to their questions and reviews.

Good News – You’re Already Listed!

We couldn’t wait for you to discover us, so we went and found you!  Our directory already includes almost 5000 venues and event vendors in the Edmonton area – you’re probably one of them.

It’s 100% free to search for and claim your listing and modify it however you like.  And if we missed you, it’s 100% free to submit your listing and start getting noticed today.

The types of vendors we’re already promoting…


We’ve already found over 2300 (yes really!) rentable event spaces in the Edmonton area.  We have everything from: arts and science venues, banquet and ballrooms, barns, farms and lodges, beaches, casinos, conference centres, community and recreation centres, funeral homes, gardens and greenhouses, golf clubs, halls, historic venues, hotels, motels and inns, kid’s party hotspots, lofts, meeting and training rooms, parks and outdoor spaces, religious settings, resorts and retreat centres, restaurants and bars, rooftops, sports facilities, theaters, universities, vineyards and more.  Show us yours!

Food Services

Help our planners serve meals to remember.  In this vendor category, we’ve got caterers, cakes and bakeries (and even custom cake toppers), beverage and bar services, edible party favours, ice sculptors and more.

Decor & Details

Calling all creatives: help our planners buy local!  We’re looking for calligraphers, décor rentals, decorators, favours and gifts, florists, flower preservation, graphic designers, invitations and paper products, printing services, and purchased décor – anything and everything our planners are searching on Pinterest.


Are you the life of the party?  Join our listing of DJs, musicians (soloists and bands), face painters, comedians, party princesses and spidermen, magicians and other entertainers, speakers and facilitators, bachelor and bachelorette party vendors, or list your AV and sound rentals (for the do-it-yourself planner).

Photography & Videography

You have a gift for capturing the moment.  Don’t get lost in a sea of Facebook pages – tell our planners why you’re the perfect person to capture the memories of their big day.  Photographers, videographers, photo booths, photo editing services and slide shows.

Professional Services

There are many times when only a professional will do.  Join our: event planners and coordinators, officiants and marriage commissioners, marriage licenses and name changes, special event insurance, limos, transportation and car rentals, dance lessons and choreographers, cleaning and janitorial services, security, parking and valet services, event childcare, destination weddings and honeymoons, legal services, financial services and pre-marital counselling.

Attire & Beauty

You have a gift for beauty and style.  Join our listing of Attire and Beauty vendors, including: women’s bridal and formalwear, men’s formalwear, kids’ formalwear, custom-made designs, alterations and tailoring, gown preservation and dry cleaning, jewellery and accessories, shoes, other attire, hair stylists, makeup artists, lash, brow (micro-blading) and nail technicians, henna artists, spa services, tanning, health and fitness and other beauty services.

Local Resources

You’re the planning expert a person dreams of finding.  We want to connect our planners with: bridal shows, must-follow blogs and websites, Facebook groups, gift registries, magazines and publications, passport services, speeches, toasts and vows, travelers’ health and other online resources.  Join this listing of essential resources!

Do you have a unique business that offers multiple services or a combination of these categories?

Maybe you’re an entertainment company that offers DJ services as well as photography…

Maybe your venue has an in-house catering company…

You can create one listing and tag it in every sub-category where you fit so you’ll be found every time.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Your free listing includes a ton of information about your business, including:

All the different ways to contact you

Where to find you on social media

A description of your services

A photo gallery

Your business hours, and

Many tags to choose from, which planners can search by (see more in the next section)!

And 24 hours to explore all of the listings on My Event Blueprint.

Tag – You’re It!

So you didn’t feel like Google helped you stand out?

This is your chance to tell planners why you’re a great fit for their next event.


All of our listings have the same basic tags:

Price Range: Inexpensive, Affordable, Moderate & Luxury – connect to clients that can afford you!

– Are you locally owned? – help clients buy local!

– Are you explicitly LGBTQ friendly? – tell everyone they’re welcome!

– Are you available on short notice or do they need to book far in advance?

Our venues have even more ways to share details that our planners can search by:

Seating Capacity

– Are you child-friendly?  Pet-friendly?

Universally accessible?

– Do you provide any additional items, like linens or AV equipment?  Or services, like an onsite wedding coordinator or valet parking?

– Are they allowed to bring in outside vendors or alcohol?

– Will they have exclusive use of the facility or do you rent out to multiple events on the same day?

– What is the style of the space?  Is it rustic, traditional, modern, etc.?

– Is it best for or only available in certain seasons (like a summer vs a winter event)?

Get a steady stream of clients that are looking for someone just like you!


Our food vendors also have a number of tags:

– Do you have an allergy menu?

– Do you offer ethnic or religious menu options (kosher or halal, for example)?

– Do you have a gluten-free menu?

– Do you offer locally grown or organic food?

– Do you have vegan or vegetarian options?

– Do you include a free tasting?

– Do you include any additional things like linens, silverware, or staff?

– Do you offer a pre-set menu only or can they customize it?

– Are you licensed to produce and serve food?

Make Your Listing Work for You

Listing Statistics

Quickly and easily monitor the activity on your listings.  Now you can make continual adjustments to your listing and see how well it performs because you’re getting the feedback and data you need.

Private Messaging

Be an active and available vendor.  Conveniently connect to potential clients to answer questions or sell them on your products or services.  Receive email or site notifications and easily manage your conversations from the message dashboard.

Moderate Reviews

Online directories succeed or fail based not only on the quantity of listings but also on the quality of the reviews.  Social proof matters!  We have three 5-star review categories: Quality of Product or Service, Customer Service and Communication.  And you can have the freedom to moderate the reviews you get on your own listings.  This is one more feature we’ve created to protect you from spam or trolls.  You can approve them, mark them as spam, or delete them.

Explore Other Listings

Free for your 24-hour trial.  Browse thousands of other event vendors and venues and check out your competition and potential collaborators.  See new businesses as they join the event scene and stay on top of your market.  This will forever change the way you do competitive analysis.

Vendor Packages

  • Basic
  • Free
  • Claim Listings
  • Create Permanent Listings
  • 24 Hour Access to Explore Listings
  • Basic+
  • $27/month or $297/lifetime
  • Claim Listings
  • Create Permanent Listings
  • Permanent Access to Explore Listings
  • Pay Monthly or Annually
  • Access to Messaging Dashboard
  • Premium
  • $47/month or $517/lifetime
  • Claim Listings
  • Create Permanent Listings
  • Permanent Access to Explore Listings
  • Pay Monthly or Annually
  • Access to Messaging Dashboard
  • Approve Reviews Before They Are Posted
  • Track Your Listing Statistics
  • Your Listing is Accessible to Everyone (no login required to view)
  • Your Listing is Displayed Before All Other Listings in the Search Results

Let’s get started!

Stand Out From the Crowd

You’ve created a beautiful listing and now you want to ensure that absolutely everyone sees it.

Listings on the first page get 75% more clicks than any other listing.

As a Premium Vendor, you can be a featured on our public “Featured Vendors” page and be seen above thousands of other listings in the search results.

Ad space on My Event Blueprint is limited.  We want a clean, simple and beautiful browsing experience for our users.

This means that Featured Vendors get noticed.

And If You Don't Love It?

When you sign up for your free 24-hour trial, you won’t be asked to give any payment information.  So if you try it and don’t love it – there is absolutely no risk – you haven’t paid for a thing.

You’ll be able to search our full set of listings and claim yours or submit a new one (or several).

After your 24-hour trial expires and you’ve had a chance to see just how many amazing resources are at your fingertips, you’ll be able to select the package that makes the most sense for you.  If you choose to continue with a free membership, you still have full control over the listings you created or you can subscribe to an upgraded package and unlock even more features.

Subscriptions are paid monthly or annually, depending on what best suits your budget, and are non-refundable once they are paid.  They can be upgraded at any time at a pro-rated price and can also be downgraded (or cancelled) for the start of the next billing period.  (See Terms & Use for additional information.)

A Little About Us

Hi! I’m Anna, the founder of My Event Blueprint and an event planner based out of Edmonton.  I’ve been planning weddings, social and corporate events since 2009 and in that time, had built up a pretty large list of vendors in and around the city that I regularly shared with my clients.  In fact, the number one service I provide outside of coordination is vendor referrals because let’s face it, the internet can be an overwhelming place to navigate!

In early 2017, I decided to do some major research (literally hundreds of hours) to track down as many venues and vendors as possible, to expand this list and share it with everyone.  Thanks for being a part of this list and for helping to create beautiful events for so many lucky people!

Why This is Exactly What You Need

100% of the users of this site are in your target market – they’re all planning an event in your area right now.

Even with very little IT experience, you can create a beautiful and easily searchable listing for your event business in minutes.

You can create effective and affordable ads and put them in front of the perfect audience.

You can highlight what sets you apart and connect conveniently with potential clients.

You will attract clients that are a good fit for your business.

You can access instant revenue by offering bookings or products directly through the site.  You can stay on top of the competition in your niche and market yourself effectively.


Will I eventually have to buy something to keep my listing?

No.  You can set up and keep a free account forever.  During the first 24 hours you will have access to all of the extended vendor features (including the ability to check out other people’s listings or moderate your reviews) and those will go away after that period unless you decide to upgrade to a subscription.  You will always have access to any listing that you claim or create, you can update it at any time.  You will also always be able to create or add additional listings if you start a new business and would like it included under your account.

Do you really have that many vendors?

We already have over 2300 venues alone and almost 4500 vendors overall with more being added every day.

How can I see if I already have a listing?

Create a free account. You will receive 24-hour access to explore the directory and search for your listing – if we’ve done our job correctly, this should be really easy. Once you’ve found your listing, you can “claim” it and then update it however you like.

If there are so many vendors, how is this any better than being on Google?

Google requires you to be really good at keywords, so when someone types in a search, you must have the same keywords in your site in order show up in the results. We know what planners are looking for and have pre-established dozens of tags, which they can search by, ensuring that you show up in every search that applies to the tags you’ve associated with your listing.

What makes you different than any other directory out there?

Most directories only list businesses that can afford to pay for advertising. This means that big budget companies are on all of them, while many community gems with no ad budget are ever seen. While these directories may be free for planners to access, they show only a tiny fraction of what is available in. By charging a minimal subscription rate to planners and using different levels of vendor packages, we can search for and list absolutely everyone.

You searched for my business, but what if I don’t want to be in the directory?

Having a listing in our directory is and will always be absolutely free. There are no risks to keeping your listing active.That said, if you’re not looking for increased business or maybe you’re closing down, you can delete your listing at any time. To do so, you can email or create an account, search for and claim your listing, then delete it.

I’m not an IT person, is this for me?

Our site is so easy to use, simply fill out the online form and your listing will be built for you. You’ll have the opportunity to preview the listing before it goes live so that you can make sure it looks exactly how you want it. We also have a number of tutorials to teach you how to use the site.

I’m already so busy, how will I remember to update my listing?

Once you’ve claimed your listing and verified your contact information, we will send you reminders every 6 months to log in and review your listing. You can always update it more often, but if you don’t, we’ll check in a couple of times a year to help you keep it current. And our forms are so simple, you can have updates completed in minutes.

Will this save me money?

Basic listings are 100% free. There are very few places that you can promote your business for zero cost, let alone directly to your target market. Using My Event Blueprint will allow you to make sure any advertising dollars that you do spend, put your business right in front of the buyers you’re looking for.

Why would I want a paid membership?

A Basic+ Membership provides you with some high value extras for only $27/month – you’ll have access to Explore Other Listings – this means you’ll always know about your competition and what they’re offering. You’ll be able to add videos to your listing and you’ll also have access to receive and send messages to potential clients (you’ll be notified of inquiries through the email you sign up with).

Why would I want a premium membership?

Premium Membership allows you to take your business listing to the next level for only $47/month – you receive all of the same benefits of Basic+, plus you’ll have the ability to moderate user reviews, which means that you protect yourself by approving real reviews and marking spam or trolls. You’ll also be able to monitor statistics for your listings to see how well they’re working for you and make changes to improve your reach.  Best of all, your listings will show up above all other listings in search results AND be featured on the public side of the website – meaning that a user won’t need to be logged in first to see your listing.

Which areas of the city are included?

We have included all venues and vendors in: Edmonton, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, Parkland County and Leduc County.

Will you be expanding to include other areas?

Yes!! We are currently working on the Calgary region, the Rocky Mountains and the Okanagan – and your subscription will include access to all of these locations as they are added.

Find my listing now!