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Planner FAQs

Do you really have that many vendors?

We have over 2300 venues alone and almost 4500 vendors overall with more being added every day.

What makes you different than any other directory out there?

Most directories only list businesses that can afford to pay for advertising. This means that big budget companies are on all of them, while many community gems with no ad budget are ever seen. While these directories may be free for planners to access, they show you only a tiny fraction of what is available in your area. By charging a minimal subscription rate, we can search for and list absolutely everyone so you have access to every option out there.

Why should I pay money to access something I can search on Google for free?

It will save you so much time! We have spent hundreds of hours collecting information from thousands of websites, Facebook pages, Kijiji ads, etc. And some of these vendors were not easy to find, so you may not even come across them in a regular Google search. We have put in the work for you to find all of your options, now all you need to do is choose between them.

What if I already have a wedding planner or event manager?

My Event Blueprint is still for you. You can save some of those valuable contract hours for things other than searching for vendor recommendations – like providing advice on your shortlist or joining you on venue visits to check things out in person.

What if I am an event planner?

Meet your new best friend. We’ll bet that you spend a ton of time providing venue and vendor referrals to your clients – imagine being able to cut that time in half or even more. This will also ensure you see new venues and vendors as they come onto the scene, while easily maintaining a list of your personal favourites. And don’t forget to list yourself – it’s always free to create a listing!

How do I know I can trust the information in the listings?

We’ve personally checked each one of the vendor websites to collect their info. The listings are then sent to the vendors to verify and update and they’re invited back to update them regularly. But if you see something that you know is out of date – let us know and we’ll follow up to make sure the information is accurate.

What if a vendor I know is missing?

Let us know and we will invite them! While we’ve attempted to find as many venues and vendors as we could, we will undoubtedly miss some. But we are working hard so that our listing continues to grow every day and remain the most complete Edmonton event planning resource out there. We want to feature everyone, so if you know of somebody great that we should include – tell us about them!

Will you be expanding to include other areas?

Yes!! We are currently working on the Calgary region, the Rocky Mountains and the Okanagan – and your subscription will include access to all of these locations as they are added. Get ready to plan your dream Canadian destination event with ease!

Which areas of the city are included?

We have included all venues and vendors in: Edmonton, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, Parkland County and Leduc County.

Vendor FAQs

Will I ever have to purchase something to keep my listing?

No.  You can set up and keep a free account forever.  During the first 24 hours you will have access to all of the extended vendor features (including the ability to check out other people’s listings or moderate your reviews) and those will go away after that period unless you decide to upgrade to a subscription.  You will always have access to any listing that you claim or create, you can update it at any time.  You will also always be able to create or add additional listings if you start a new business and would like it included under your account.

How can I see if I already have a listing?

Create a free account. You will receive 24-hour access to explore the directory and search for your listing – if we’ve done our job correctly, this should be really easy. Once you’ve found your listing, you can “claim” it and then update it however you like.

If there are so many vendors, how is this any better than being on Google?

Google requires you to be really good at keywords, so when someone types in a search, you must have the same keywords in your site in order show up in the results. We know what planners are looking for and have pre-established dozens of tags, which they can search by, ensuring that you show up in every search that applies to the tags you’ve associated with your listing.

What makes you different than any other directory out there?

Most directories only list businesses that can afford to pay for advertising. This means that big budget companies are on all of them, while many community gems with no ad budget are never seen. While these directories may be free for planners to access, they show only a tiny fraction of what is available. By charging a minimal subscription rate to planners and using different levels of vendor packages, we can search for and list absolutely everyone.

You searched for my business, but what if I don’t want to be in the directory?

Having a listing in our directory is and will always be absolutely free. There are no risks to keeping your listing active. That said, if you’re not looking for increased business or maybe you’re closing down, you can delete your listing at any time. To do so, you can email or create an account, search for and claim your listing, then delete it.

I’m already so busy, how will I remember to update my listing?

Once you’ve claimed your listing and verified your contact information, we will send you reminders every 6 months to log in and review your listing. You can always update it more often, but if you don’t, we’ll check in a couple of times a year to help you keep it current. And our forms are so simple, you can have updates completed in minutes.

I’m not an IT person, is this for me?

Our site is so easy to use, simply fill out the online form and your listing will be built for you. You’ll have the opportunity to preview the listing before it goes live so that you can make sure it looks exactly how you want it. We also have a number of tutorials to teach you how to use the site.

Will this save me money?

Basic listings are 100% free. There are very few places that you can promote your business for zero cost, let alone directly to your target market. Using My Event Blueprint will allow you to make sure any advertising dollars that you do spend, put your business right in front of the buyers you’re looking for.

Why would I want a paid membership?

A Basic+ Membership provides you with some high value extras for only $27/month – you’ll have access to Explore Other Listings – this means you’ll always know about your competition and what they’re offering. You’ll also be able to add videos to your listing and lastly, you’ll have access to receive and send messages to potential clients (you’ll be notified of inquiries through the email you sign up with).

Why would I want a premium membership?

Premium Membership allows you to take your business listing to the next level for only $47/month – you receive all of the same benefits of Basic+, plus you’ll have the ability to moderate user reviews, which means that you protect yourself by approving real reviews and marking spam or trolls. You’ll also be able to monitor statistics for your listings to see how well they’re working for you and make changes to improve your reach.  Best of all, your listings will show up above all other listings in search results AND be featured on the public side of the website – meaning that a user won’t need to be logged in first to see your listing.

What does it mean to be a “Featured Vendor” or “Featured Listing”?

This means that you’ve chosen to advertise your listing and that it will have a unique look and be displayed above all other listings in the area that you’ve selected.

Where can my listing be featured?

You can choose to feature your listing on the planner home page or on the category search page of your choice – there are 8 category pages to choose from.

How much time do I have to commit to an ad?

You can choose the length of time you want your listing to be featured. The minimum purchase is 30 days. This means that for as little $39 you can be a Featured Vendor.

Why should I make my listing “Featured”?

Listings that are displayed on the first page get 75% more clicks than any other listing. More visibility and more clicks means a potential for more business.